---------------------------The Value of Drug Addiction Research---------------------------

Michael Nader from the Wake Forest Primate Center presents his talk titled The Value of Drug Addiction Research. He suggests that we are approaching the problem of drug addiction in the wrong manner, and we need to reassess our current policies.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mr. Richardson is a Guest Speaker at The National Legal Aid and Defender Association's Centennial Conference 2011.

Mr. Richardson, along with a government official and a NLADA board member, spoke at the prisoner re-entry workshop as part of NLADA's Centennial Conference. His talk was well received and he was approached by the State of Texas Indigent Defense Commission Executive Director, among others, to assist in some various projects for the new year. This is quite a feat - not only did Mr. Richardson try to engage hardened veterans in the field.... he has just completed a grueling year of cancer treatment. His talk focused on a prisoner's personal responsibility in the re-entry process. A Blue Print for Re-entry was created and offered to NLADA for approval as part of its corrections policy. This was a rewarding experience overall for Corey and this opportunity is only the beginning of trying to effect change with respect to an egregious system, which includes facilitating successful prisoner re-entry into society.

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